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TEN—ten out of ten means the most, which implies 100%
ONE—is the one you strive to 
TEN ONE—100% effort to do one thing right—handcrafted to perfection


TEN ONE TEA HOUSE offers handcrafted, health-conscious beverages, providing tea enthusiasts with a complete sensory experience. Our products are born from a profound love for tea, and we're committed to sharing that passion with our customers. Our mission is to offer DAILY, PREMIUM, AND HEALTHY tea options for today's fast-paced lifestyles.

We strive to use simple, pure, and high-quality ingredients in our beverages. Organic dried flowers, fresh fruits, and premium loose-leaf tea inspire our creations, aiming to ignite our customers' enthusiasm for a healthy lifestyle.

We believe our tea is more than just a beverage; it embodies our love for tea culture and our desire to share it with the global community. We warmly welcome every customer into our shops, fostering open communication between staff and guests, and hope our customers will visit frequently, feeling as comfortable as if they were with old friends.


We aspire to be a locally-rooted, warm-hearted tea brand.

With multiple locations in and around Boston—TEN ONE Newbury, TEN ONE Fenway, TEN ONE Arsenal Yards, TEN ONE Assembly Row, TEN ONE Harvard Square, TEN ONE Providence, and TEN ONE Amherst—alongside two overseas branches in Taipei and Luodong, Taiwan, each spot exudes a unique atmosphere and charm while upholding the same spirit. Our ultimate goal is to provide customers with the highest quality healthy beverages.

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