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TEN—ten out of ten means the most, which implies 100%
ONE—is the one you strive to 
TEN ONE—100% effort to do one thing right—handcrafted to perfection


TEN ONE TEA HOUSE offers artisanal healthy drinks for tea lovers. Our products were born from our love and passion for tea, and we are devoted to sharing them with the community. Our mission is to serve healthy beverages composed of simple but high-quality ingredients. Organic dried flowers, fresh fruits, and premium loose-leaf tea inspire our products, and we hope they will inspire our customers to live a healthy lifestyle as well. 

We believe our tea is more than a drink; it is the culture and love we want to share with the community. People feel welcomed in our shops, communicate with our staff, and return like an old friend. We are always here to inspire the art of tea, care about our customers, and continue improving and innovating through quality to fulfill our potential.

We have four locations around Boston and Providence—TEN ONE Newbury, TEN ONE Assembly Row, TEN ONE Fenway, and TEN ONE Providence. Each of our shops has its own unique style and feel, but the spirit  always remains the same. We are aiming to provide the best healthy drinks to our customers.

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